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Event Management

One of the most innovative and creative solutions offered by RG InfoTech Solutions is the RFID based event management automation solution or RFID event management system. With our unique, highly reliable and professional software, we have taken event management to the next level. By implementing various enhanced features and other customized options in our application software and introducing a variety of products to carry the RFID tags, such as different kinds of RFID wristbands, RFID key tags, smart RFID cards, events are very simple and handy to organize.

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RFID Event Management System

RG InfoTech Solutions, manufacturer and supplier and developer of ultra-high quality and best in the range of RFID products and solutions has the best solution with a proven record for RFID Event Management System or RFID based event management solution. Our solution includes the attendance information with the time track record, monitor traffic flow within event & exhibition environments, cashless transactions, individual tracking, etc. All the Attendees can freely walk in and out of sessions without worried about being stopped. RFID smart gates record the attendees. All scans are stamped with the date, time, location and direction.

Our RFID event management system includes access to the special people or the authorized personal only to the sensitive or the private areas in these events or exhibitions. Tracking the location of any individual is also possible if they are moving from one area to other areas.


RFID Enabled Events, Conferences & Exhibitions

RFID based solution for the event management can help exhibitors to track stall activity and measure additional revenue opportunities and automatically analyze individual attendee stall visits. RG InfoTech‘s innovative, esthetic and slim antennas can be deployed to be invisible to users or to blend in with stall decorations without providing any distractions to the stall design. Our small and thin RFID antennas mounted close to the posters or LCDs or can be easily mounted on walls, are ideally suited as an information request point for exhibit booths visitors as well as organizing competitions and appraisals for visitors.

Our solution includes the RFID reader for reading all types of RFID tags and RFID wristbands. For a different type of requirement, we have different types of RFID tags for events like RFID cards, RFID wristbands, RFID key fobs, etc. A wide range of RFID wristbands is also available for different purposes such as silicon RFID wristbands, disposable Wristbands, PVC wristbands, as per the requirement and the needs of the clients. We have the complete solution for the tracking and management of the events, parties, exhibitors, conferences, live concerts, games, amusement parks and many more. These RFID wristbands can be put to various uses at promotional or other events. Copies of the wristband can be provided to the visitors which will then be read or interrogated by RFID readers installed at the event venue. Used in this fashion, immensely useful in event management, right from regulating access to visitors to streamlining crowd management and transactions at the event venue. The required degree of customization and branding tweaks can make the use of this wristband an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience. These are not only for accessing and hassle-free access but also been used for the cashless transaction, without being worry of losing anything important.


Advantages of RFID Event Management System

  1. Accurately measuring attendance tracking of events, session, training, conference
  2. Attendee behavior, analysis, and reporting
  3. Providing Return on Attendance (ROA)
  4. Innovative non-invasive attendance tracking & reporting
  5. Accurate session attendance reporting
  6. Cashless Transaction
  7. Ease of Access
  8. VIP culture and access for the VIP people
  9. Marketing and a style statement


This application includes multiple RFID readers installed at multiple locations at the event venue and RFID tags are carried by each visitor. Identification of unlimited no of visitors can be done from a distance of multiple meters by our sophisticated HF/ UHF long-range RFID readers with a completely online of sight communication and with no manual intervention. Real-time updates are displayed instantly at the venue and also they reach a wide audience outside through social media.

The major tasks carried out by our event automation solution are Identification, authentication, access control, traffic flow monitoring, social media integration, event analysis, etc. The E- purse feature of this application enables the visitors to do monitory transactions using the RFID tags issued to them making the event completely cash-free.