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E-Purse Application

RG InfoTech offers and develops E-Purse Application also known as E-wallet application for all type electronic transactions which any worry of carrying cash. This is a one-time investment; simple to set up and which can be used as a standalone package. We provide customized applications according to the need of the client. With smart card and other RFID technology, it is easy to load points (which translate to money) at any time.

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E-Wallet / E-Purse Application

RG InfoTech Solutions being the prominent leader of RFID products and solutions have come up with e-purse application widely known as e-wallet applications or cashless transactions applications develops and provides E-Purse Application which is a one-time investment; simple to set up and which can be used as a standalone package. This is an application that can be customized as per the need of the client and his usage for better connectivity and serving of the clients. With the smart card and the application, it is easy to load points (which translate to money) at any time. You can issue cards to an unlimited number of people. Plastic graphically enhanced smart cards are assumed to be more valuable to customers then cardboard coupons or low-value cards.

This e purse or e-wallet application is being used extensively today and are highly recommendable for schools, offices, business, loyalty programs, membership programs, and various other domains festivals, social gathering and clubs, gym & spa, Restaurants, event management, hospital management, conference & exhibitions, live concerts, sports & games, fuel dispensing, amusement parks and other customized uses.

This application also can be used at various events and for promotional activities. This application can be easily installed at any site and users can use it for any type of cashless transactions by using with the compatible card reader. The card which will then be read or interrogated by readers installed at the event venue. These are also used in fashion, is immensely useful in event management, right from regulating the number of transactions to the total amount of transaction, so that the analyzing can be done for better management to streamlining crowd management and transactions at the event venue for marketing purpose as well. The required degree of customization and branding tweaks can make the use of this cashless application is an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience.

Electronic Mobile Wallet is also same as “e-wallet or e-purse” applications, refers to an electronic gadget or app-based solution for users that enables a person to make an electronic transaction. The e-wallet can incorporate buying items online with a personal computer, a smart plastic card or using a cell phone to buy something at a store, outlet, shops, restaurants, or wherever the e wallet application is being used.

This application can be used in:-

Store, Restaurant, Service Shop, Gift Shop, Library, Bar, University, Gym, Health Club, Gaming Establishment, Coffee Shop, Book Store, Car Garage and Taxi, etc.