ID 3000

R G Infotech Solutions being one of the renowned and oldest firms in the industry, have decidedly involved in providing a premium quality array of RFID Card Attendance System. Our range of Time Attendance Solution is widely used in offices and schools to keep a track of attendance. These are highly advanced and cannot be manipulated. We Supply All types of Biometric Attendance Systems, Biometric Attendance Machines, Fingerprint Attendance System, Time Attendance System, Card Based Attendance System, for Schools, Colleges, Educational Institutions, Hotels, Gyms, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Government Offices, Departments.

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ID3000 RFID Card Based Attendance Management System

R G Infotech Solutions Provides, ID3000 Time and Attendance Recorder which is an RFID Card based attendance management system For Office / School and other access points for the entrance control and time management also. The top surface of this module is IP64-rated, sealed against dust and liquids. Its compact size and convenient mounting features help it fit easily into even small devices. The on-board electronics automatically control calibration and data transfer.

ID3000 is highly recommendable and reliable for Time and Attendance Recorder, for Office / School, hospitals, gyms, etc as Time Recorder & Attendance for maintaining and keeping records of all types related to access, leaves, etc., also known as LF access system or attendance system.

In LF (Low Frequency) Attendance system, LF card Readers are mounted either in each room or shared between two or more rooms or at common entrance. Cardholder shows his LF ID card to LF Reader to mark his arrival & departure. The read range is just 5 centimeters.

Different Types Of RFID For ID3000 RFID Card Based Attendance Management System For Office / School

There are several versions of RFID that operate at different radio frequencies. The choice of frequency is dependent on the business requirements and read environment.

  • Low Frequency (125/134 kHz) – Most commonly used for Attendance & access control.
  • High Frequency(13.56 MHz) – It has read ranges up to about 1.5 meters. This frequency also has the advantage of not being susceptible to interference from the presence of water or metals.
  • Ultra-High-Frequency(850 MHz to 950 MHz) – offer the longest read ranges of up to approximately 3 meters and high reading speeds.
  • Active RFID Tags has battery. They broadcast a signal to the reader and can transmit over the greatest distances (100+ meters). Typically they are used to track high value goods like vehicles and large containers of goods. Shipboard containers are a good example of an active RFID tag application.
  • Passive RFID tags do not contain a battery. Instead, they draw their power from the radio wave transmitted by the reader. The reader transmits a low power radio signal through its antenna to the tag, which in turn receives it through its own antenna to power the integrated circuit (chip).


Technical Specifications Of ID3000 is RFID Card Based Attendance Management System  For Office / School

  • Size: 211.54 X159.4X47.8mm
  • Card Capacity : 10000
  • Transaction Storage : 1,00,000
  • Communications : Rs232, Rs485, TCP/IP, USB
  • Display : Black & White LCD Screen
  • Card reader : EMRFID(Proximity), Mifare(optional), HID(optional)
  • Identification time : <=0.4S
  • FAR : <=0.0001%
  • FRR : <=1%
  • Operating Temperature : 0 degC – 45 degC
  • Operating Humidity : 20% – 80%
  • Standard Function : 9Digituser ID
  • Language : English
  • Support GPRS & Push Data devices
  • Supporting database – SQL/Oracle


R G Infotech Solutions being provider, seller, and distributor of the wide range of Card Attendance System, access control devices biometric and RFID Card readers, Card Attendance Machine, USB Fingerprint scanners, portable USB biometric devices also provides a wide range of customized solutions and applications for track record, identification, access control, attendance management, payments and transactions, and other customized uses. We provide them for clients across all industries and across the length and breadth of India. We have our HQ in Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR) India and we are providing the same for more than 15 years’ and have a long list of satisfied clients, who have benefited from our automated and customized solutions.