Active Omni Directional Reader IDT-527

Active Omni Directional Reader IDT-527

Active RFID reader IDT 527 can connect to various  o mini-directional antennas, with high identification and reliability, strong  expand ability, etc. The read range is adjustable within 0~100 meter.

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Long Range Multiple / Circular Directional RFID Reader

R G Infotech Solutions manufacturer, exporter, and provider of a comprehensive range of fixed long Range Active Omni Directional RFID Reader also known as fixed Multiple Direction RFID readers or Circular RFID Reader, which can be used for Gates readers at entry and exit of premises, Library readers, USB readers, Long Range readers, and other customized reading of tags. These RFID readers which are used for advanced automation and management system such as Automatic Time Attendance for Schools, Personnel Tracking in Manufacturing Plants, Library Security, Access Control, Toll plaza automation, parking automation, Hospital Management, Laundry Automation, Event Management, Logistics Management, and other customized automation process and solutions.

The Advantage of using Active Directional RFID Reader is it saves a lot of time, for access and identification, they are accurate, more reliable can be used in demanding environment and even in crowded areas, there is no need to flash the card. These RFID readers have an inbuilt motion detector to allow only persons with a valid RFID tag or card to access the premises. These readers are with LF, HF, UHF frequency, with a reading distance of up to 10 m depending on RFID reader and environment.

Functions Of Active Omni Directional RFID Reader

Support RS-232, 10/100M Adaptive Ethernet; customized RS-485, Gandhian 26/34 interface( optional).
External interface and power supply configurable for users’ need, enhancing flexibility of systematic integration
Multi-group I/O ports: Input interface can detect the TTL or pulse signals of connected devices’, used to control the working status of the reader. Output interface can control other devices according to TTL or pulse signals through predetermined conditions
Support active reading, passive identifying, command trigger, timing trigger, external trigger and other modes, to meet users’ various integration needs
Support multi-reading, Multi-reader operating under intensive environment
Reading distance is auto-regulation or adjustable
Strong API port
Aluminum shell, high-tension, IP Rating IP55
Flash memory (optional)

Applications Of Active Omni Directional RFID Reader

Personal position Management in Hospital & Nursing Home,  industrial mining and prison sector

RF Parameters
Operating Frequency2.4-2.48GHz
Output Power+15dBm (adjustable by software)
Identification AngleOmni-directional
Communication Interfaces
Communication InterfacesRS-232, 10/100M Adaptive Ethernet interfaces
Optiona InterfacesRS-485, Wiegand 26/34
I/O Port2- channel relays output(optional), 2- channel trigger input(optional)
Firmware UpgradeSupport serial port
Application Software PlatformProvide development kit of API(C++ and C#)
Tag operation
Tag ProtocolPrivate Protocol
Tag Operating ModeCompatible with active and passive operating mode tags
Reading Range0-100m (depend on the tag power output)
Identification Speed200pcs/s (tag ID)
Anti-conflictionIdentifying 300pcs tag at the same time
Mechanical & Electrical performance
IndicatorBuzzer, LED
Product Dimensions190mm×120mm×40mm(excluding antenna)
Package Dimensions320mm×226mm×133mm(excluding antenna)
Net Weight0.6kg
Gross Weight2kg
Power SupplyDC 5V
Power Consumption300mW
Operating Temperature-40ºC~+60ºC
Storage Temperature-40ºC~+80ºC
Humidity5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
IP RatingIP55
Shock Resistance10~500Hz, 100mm/15g, triaxial


R G Infotech Solutions being manufacturer provider, seller, and distributor of the wide range of Active Omni/Circular Directional RFID readers provide them for clients across all industries and across the length and breadth of India. We being the RFID products and automation solution also provide these readers for inventory tracking and management, stock management, warehouse management, container management, and other customized uses. We have our HQ in Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR) India and we are providing the same for more than 15 years’ and have a long list of satisfied clients, who have benefited from our readers.