RFID HF Inlays/Labels

RFID HF Inlays/Labels

R G Infotech Solutions, being the prominent manufacturer, dealer, and supplier of RFID labels and tags has a wide variety of HF (High Frequency) RFID Inlays and labels (HF 13.56 MHz ISO/IEC 14443 TYPE A 1-3, ISO/IEC 15693) offer market-leading execution and memory alternatives and are accessible with a wide variety of High-Performance IC Platforms. Every inlay has a unique trace Id and a broadband RFID antenna design that enables end-users to reach and support reliably with the high level of performance, in all global HF frequency regions, with same tags.

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RFID HF Inlays / Labels

The RFID HF inlays labels or tags provided by R G Infotech Solutions are of premium quality and absolutely reliable with more read range as compared to other tags for the same usage. These RFID tags are reliable, durable, and rugged enough to withstand extreme conditions and environment. These RFID tags/labels are highly recommendable in order to identify and track the assets or other customized products throughout its useful life. It also contains a serial number that uniquely identifies the module.

High Frequency (HF) Inlay and Tag covers a wide scope of antenna sizes and conventions offering extraordinary application adaptability and fit-for-work plans for requesting applications. ISO-consistent 13.65MHz HF RFID innovation is globally proven and acknowledged for a large number of vertical markets. It’s perfectly suitable access management, public transportation and for contemporary applications.

Our RFID Inlays – HF 13.56 MHz ISO/IEC 14443 TYPE A 1-3, ISO/IEC 15693 compliant- technology is accepted, and all-around acknowledged answer for a huge range of business sectors. The technology could be excellent suitable item-level authentication and asset tracking solutions. The Application area is Books, Documents Tracking, Libraries, Loyalty Cards, and Event Ticketing as well as industrial closed-loop systems for manufacturing automation. RFID HC Inlays or Labels offers demonstrated powerful execution with short-to-medium read ranges (10 cm to 100 cm).

R G Infotech Solutions manufactures and supplies Ultra-High quality RFID inlays and labels for different solutions and customized uses in India and across the globe. These RFID UHF labels and inlays are used extensively today and are highly recommendable in today fast-moving the world to meet the client demands, accuracy, and reducing the errors caused by manpower. We manufacture and deliver these pre-printed cards for clients across all industries and across the length and breadth of India. We are manufacturers of RFID UHF and carry many years’ experience and have a long list of satisfied clients, who have benefited from our excellent Inlays.

We being the prominent provider of all types of RFID labels or inlays based in India, Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR) offers wide range and best in range of all types of RFID tags available in the market which can be deployed easily in any industry for smooth tracking of products like Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Inventory Management, Asset Tracking and other customized use at best price.


Operating Frequency & protocol13.56 MHz, ISO/IEC 14443TypeA 1-3, ISO/IEC 15693 compliant
Read DistanceUpto 10cm to 100cm (Reader Dependent)
MaterialPaper, PET
MountingGeneral Purpose Adhesive
Application AreasBooks, Documents Tracking, Libraries, Loyalty Cards, Event Ticketing