Promag Reader

Promag Reader

R G Infotech Solutions offers promag reader which is a mini portable battery-powered Mifare UID reader with LCD and built-in real time clock for data collection applications. This is MFR120 is designed for Mifare card data collection anytime and anywhere without computer connectivity.

This can be used for Employee’s Time/Attendance data collection, Exhibition visitor’s data collection, Conference attendants data collection, Guard tour monitoring system, Student attendance data collection.

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Promag Reader

As a user, we always recommend a reader which is stylish and reliable. Mifare card reader or promag reader i.e. MFR 120 has excellent performance and flexible to use. MFR 120 can be used for a different purpose without computer connectivity. It is equipped with light indicators for different indications and single-cell battery changeable battery that can be easily replaced with a new one once it is no more working or useful.

Physical characteristics of promag reader

  • RFID 125Khz Manchester coding
  • Interface: USB (PCR120U) or RS232 (PCR120)
  • Power: Single-cell Size AAA 1.5V DC battery
  • Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) and back-up capacitor Battery-powered portable
  • LCD display (101 x 67 dots)
  • Auto off for power saving
  • Low battery indicator
  • Memory full indicator


Specifications of Promag Reader

  • Reads 13.56MHz / MIFARE cards
  • Interface: USB (MFR120U) or RS232 (MFR120)
  • Power: Single-cell Size AAA 1.5V DC battery
  • LCD Status indicator: Green / Red indicator LED Operation status and Battery status
  • Memory size: 512K bytes Up to 8192 records
  • Battery power: Single-cell Size AAA 1.5V DC Battery
  • Safety Certificate: FCC / CE
  • Dimension: (Length 58 X Width 20 X Height 47) millimeter.


  • Operation temp:-0 ~ + 55 Deg.C
  • Storage temp: -10 ~ + 60 Deg.C
  • Humidity: 10 ~ 90 % relative


Applications of Promag Reader 

  • Time & attendance data collection
  • Exhibition visitor data collection
  • Conference attendance data collection
  • Guard tour monitoring system
  • Card verification
  • Student attendance data collection
  • Advanced Public Transportation
  • Access Management
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Closed-loop Micropayment
  • Government Social Service Cards


How does promag reader work?

  • The battery-powered RFID / MIFARE card reader reads the data card.
  • Mifare card reader displays the card data on screen and stored in memory with a timestamp.
  • This data can then be downloaded to a computer via RS232 or USB.
  • MFR120 is powered by a single AAA 1.5V battery and can store up to 8192 records

R G Infotech Solutions being manufacturer provider, seller, and distributor of Promag Reader also know as mini portable Mifare(high-frequency smart card) reader, deliver them for clients across all industries and across the length and breadth of India. We being the RFID products and automation solution also provide these readers and for time and attendance collection, in time out time collection for schools, colleges, offices, exhibitions other customized uses. We have our HQ in Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR) India and we are providing the same for more than 15 years’ and have a long list of satisfied clients, who have benefited from ours readers.