File Tracking

File Tracking

R G Infotech offers RFID based File Management System (FMS) which facilitates fast issuing, reissuing and returning of files with the help of RFID enabled modules. It directly provides the file information and member information to the file management system without any manual intervention.

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RFID File Tracking Management

Documents or Files are precious and important for any kinds of company or organization, they are worth and Intellectual Property. On the off chance that an organization having an enormous measure of records of files and documents. According to survey reports said that 20-25 documents are lost in the working place. Moreover, Officer Workers spends hundreds of hours each year searching for the documents that have been lost. Then it is very important to manage those valuable documents. Fortunately, there are now advanced solutions to avoid Inefficiencies associated with RFID based File Tracking Management.


Why RFID is required for File Tracking:

RFID File Tracking Systems are developed and designed to decrease the office worker’s time spent on managing and maintaining hundreds or thousands of documents inside a working place. Many organizations nowadays are using basic techniques to manage documents, for example, in sequential order recording, color-coded filling or standardized identifications (barcode). RFID document management system has turned out to be progressively technology in file tracking and give employee enhanced visibility while saving time spent on inventory counts and searching for lost documents and file.


How does RFID File Work?   

  • The RFID readers need no line of sight to read RFID tags and are capable of reading multiple tags simultaneously from a distance of multiple meters (adjustable).
  • Each tag has a unique tag ID, the file management system is free from any kind of counterfeiting. The file management system is also equipped with an extremely secure Anti-theft system.
  • The monitoring module continuously monitors the movement of files across the gates, so that the files taken out without prior issuing are traced and the management will be informed about it by an automatic alarm generated instantly.
  • The searching module provides the fast searching of files using RFID handheld reader. It will also help in Accounting/Stock verification of the materials.


Benefits of RFID File Tracking System 

  • Time utilization for Searching through documents will Increment.
  • Inventory will give you the Proper list of Missing and Misplaced files
  • Provides Check-In/Check-Out history of each record with the goal that you can know the path and order of document development from one worker to another or one department to another.
  • In the event that documents moves from IT Department to Finance Department, at that point you can get which individual has discharged the file and which individual is having the record from how much time with only one click.