Gift Cards

Gift Cards

R G Infotech Solutions offer a variety of plastic gift cards also known as e gift cards or corporate gift cards which are simple to use and can be customized depending on the requirement. These Gift cards are also known as pre-printed gift cards and are the newest trend and an excellent way of making a strong base of loyal customers, employees and ensuring a long-lasting relationship with them.

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E-Gift Cards Application

We provide the complete solution for E-Gift Cards Application also known as Gift card solution or discount gift card apps. These gift cards applications allow the recipients to buy a gift of their choice as opposed to the traditional manner that forces you to take a certain gift item even if you do not like it. You can use gift cards to buy any kind of gifts from shops that have a swap card facility compatible with gift cards application.

These cards resembling normal bank cards, they are identified by a specific code or number and not with the name of an individual. This gives the recipients of our gifts cards the flexibility to allow friends or relatives to use the cards for buying the gifts. These plastic cards also relieve the donor from the dilemma of picking up the right gift on a certain occasion. The card lets the cardholders buy the gift of their choice.

These gift cards and gift card application is being used extensively today and are highly recommendable for, offices, business, loyalty programs, membership programs, and various other domains festivals, social gathering and clubs, gym & spa, Restaurants, event management, hospital management, conference & exhibitions, live concerts, sports & games, fuel dispensing, amusement parks and other customized uses.

This application also can be used at various events and for promotional activities. This application can be easily installed at any site and users can use it for any type of cashless transactions by using with the compatible card reader. The card which will then be read or interrogated by readers installed at the event venue. These are also used in fashion, is immensely useful in event management, right from regulating the number of transactions to the total amount of transaction, so that the analyzing can be done for better management to streamlining crowd management and transactions at the event venue for marketing purpose as well. The required degree of customization and branding tweaks can make the use of this cashless application is an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience.

We carry many years’ experience as manufacturers and application developer and have a long list of satisfied clients, who have benefited from our excellent solutions of the customized apps. We have been responsible for promoting businesses and have ensured a customer base for many companies through our specially crafted of it. Our reputation as one of the leading gift cards manufacturers in Delhi assures the clients that they can settle for the best quality parameters of it.

You can rely on our know-how and skills in customizing your cards as per your needs. With us, you are at a perfect place for having these cards with high contrast graphics, with photograph and other details. Our plastic cards factory is known as one of the best units for the manufacturing of our products. We have an in-house specialist and designer team that take care of your every need in having an excellent quality card to represent your business amongst the people.

We are the best cards suppliers to all types of businesses and industries that need to promote their products amongst the consumers. We supply eye-catching gift card to your clientele and ensure that the cards inspire the customers. Gift card dealers can depend on us for their supplies of the cards as per the emerging demand.

Options For Gift Cards:

♦     Lo or hi coercively encoded magnetic stripes

♦     Encoding on track 1 & 2 or on tracks 2 & 3

♦     High-quality thermal or inkjet barcoding

♦     Sequential numbering

♦     Control numbers

♦     Security scratch off panels for special promotions

♦     Surface offset printing

♦     High-polish overlaminates

♦     Custom die-cut shapes