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Plastic Smart Cards

ID Tech Solutions being a leading trader, exporter, and smart card manufacturer in India has come up with a wide range of smart cards such as blank plastic cards, contact cards, RFID cards, combi cards, proximity cards, High-Frequency Smart cards, UHF cards and many more. These cards resemble a credit card in size, shape and also known as chip cards. This chip is generally as microprocessor embedded computer chip or memory that helps in storing and transactions of data. This data is usually associated with either value, information, or sometimes both are stored and processed in card’s chip. For these cards, key application areas are the health care industry, banking industry, entertainment, transportation, access control, government identification, etc.

Being smart cards manufacturer a few different types of cards are contact cards, contactless cards, dual-interface cards, hybrid cards, microprocessor cards, etc. Our high-quality smart cards are of the premium quality, which is available across India. Also, we offer a quick delivery time. We offer quality cards at an attractive price in the industry and within the desired time. We also Supply Card Printers.

Our HQ is in India Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR), you can contact us for having a consistent supply of all types of cards as per quality parameters and technical requirements. Being in the industry for 15 years we provide plastic cards with quality standards assured. These cards can be used to make: Plastic Gift Cards, Access Control ID Cards, Membership & Loyalty Cards, payment cards for schools, colleges and universities. Government Identity Cards, For Marketing and other customized use.

  • Contact Cards, Plastic Contact Chip Cards

    Contact Cards

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    ID Tech Solutions being leading trader, exporter and manufacturer of Smart Cards has come-up with wide range of  plastic cards out of which one of them is contact cards or plastic contact chip cards. As the name suggests, these cards are read when they come in contact with the reader. These smart cards are embedded with a chip with a microprocessor and memory or only with memory. Used in: network security, access control, e-commerce, electronic cash etc.

  • UHF Rfid Cards

    RFID Cards

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    UHF RFID Cards are one the smart cards provided by ID Tech Solutions which can be used in different industries as per the applications. These cards work on Radio Frequency technology. These have an antenna inside to be read and a chip to store data. The RFID cards are contactless and can be read from a distance. These are extensively used in various identification and authentication applications.

  • Combi Cards/Dual Interface Cards

    Combi Cards

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    ID Tech Solutions offers a wide variety of Combi Cards/Dual Interface Cards also known as Hybrid Smart Cards. These hybrid smart cards have more than two technologies embedded inside a single smart card. These cards use any two of the below mentioned types of smart cards in a single chip. Some applications of smart card require more than two technologies like the proximity card and the Mifare card integrated in a single chip.

  • Proximity Cards

    Proximity Cards

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    Proximity cards are one of the leading smart cards provided by ID Tech Solutions. These cards are contactless cards with an antenna embedded inside. These are read-only cards and the information on these cards cannot be manipulated. These cards work on RFID technology and are used for access control, identification and security.

  • High Frequency Smart Cards

    High Frequency Smart Cards

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    ID Tech Solutions being leading trader, exporter and manufacturer of Smart Cards has come-up with wide range of  plastic cards out of which one of them is High Frequency Smart Cards or Rfid smart cards. These contactless smart cards are ISO/ IEC 14443 compliant, operate on 13.56 MHz frequency. High frequency contactless smart cards are used in various applications for the purpose of identification and authentication, some of which are: Access management, students’ smart ID cards.

  • UHF Cards

    UHF Cards

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    RFID card are frequently used as personal identifiers in personnel management or access control systems. This is a version of the popular ISO format identity card equipped with a UHF RFID transponder conforming to the EPC Global class 1 Gen 2 specifications. These cards offer worldwide operation in UHF 860-960 MHz bands. UHF cards are targeted for the e-identity market bringing a long range communication distance together with stringent durability criteria.

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